Dr. Amel Karboul

  • "I reject stereotypical thinking. Perhaps because I don’t myself fit the mould"

  • "Being a born visionary I have something against going backwards"

  • "We must be constantly questioning ourselves. There is no standing still. Either we go backwards or forwards."

Newly published: Coffin Corner

  • An Expert in Change und Transformations

    Reacting to market uncertainties by increasing knowledge, planning and measures aimed at optimization is outmoded. Therefore, when it comes to implementing a sustainable restructuring process within your business segment, I provide holistic support.

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  • A Visionary

    I see opportunities, and I see the potential in people, projects, companies and organizations. I am convinced that it lies within our own hands to make the world a better place.

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  • An Entrepreneur

    This means developing and implementing ideas and pressing ahead with them. In the form of the management consultancy company, Change Leadership & Partners, I founded and have managed my own company.

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  • A Supervisory Board Member

    With strategic alignment and development in view, I supervise and oversee companies and organizations such as Change, Leadership & Partners and Lucerne World Tourism Forum – through my role as a member of the corresponding supervisory boards.

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  • A Politician

    As a minister in Tunisia I contributed to the successful completion of the transition phase, and to the creation of a mood of optimism, to the removal of barriers that had a limiting effect, and to presenting Tunisia to the outside world in a new way, and I also contributed to opening up opportunities for Tunisia to integrate with the wider world.

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  • A Speaker and Author

    Inviting people to change their way of thinking and questioning their pattern of behavior is not just the aim my lectures and speeches – it is also the central theme of my publications and my new book, “Coffin Corner.” The themes I employ touch the heart and change people’s thinking in the long term.

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I reject stereotypical thinking. Perhaps because I don’t myself fit the mould – as a woman in the male domain of mechanical engineering, as an engineer working among business founders and business leaders, as a Muslim consultant and a government coach. But actually the main reason why I reject stereotypical thinking is that it doesn’t take me forward. This is exactly what my work is about

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Global Society, 03.02.16

I See Myself in Each of Them

Sadly there is no shortage of tragic stories from Syrian refugees who are still suffering after five years of brutal conflict. But one I read recently resonated with me profoundly. It moved while I read it. It stayed with me for days and days afterwards. It told the story of a Syrian family ...mehr

Global Society, 13.10.15

“This Nobel price is for the tunisian people”

Interview on BBC about my reaction to the Nobel Peace Prize: The awarding of the prize to the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet surprised many. The Norwegian Nobel Committee said the group had established an alternative, peaceful political process when the country was on the brink ...mehr

Personal Experience, 05.10.15

My new book “Coffin Corner”

How do you react in the face of unexpected company bankruptcies, market trends that emerge out of nowhere, and increasing competition in the global market? Do you dig your own grave by increasing the amount of control, planning and optimization? Via my newly published book I would like to ...mehr

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